What is Microblading? Microblading, 3d eyebrows, eyebrow embroidery, are in reality another name for permanent makeup. “Pigment” is implanted into the skin by an artist with a very steady hand by doing tiny scratches.

These scratches create incredibly hyperrealistic looking fake hair strokes to fill in bald spots or reconstruct eyebrows completely. It’s the best technique available today for those who are looking to have beautiful, full and natural eyebrows again after a lifetime of over plucking or unfortunate hair falling caused by diseases such as cancer and alopecia.

Here in our medical office, we use state of the art 100% disposable tools made from surgical stainless steel and real medical topic numbing in order to perform a painless and safe procedure every time.

We also offer Microshading & Microblading Training.

The results are happier, more relaxed patients with eyebrows to die for! We proud ourselves in giving women and men their self-esteem back. Like they say now-a-days: “your eyebrows are 80% of your selfie”.

Click on the gallery tab of our website to see our work and come feel the difference of having your procedure done by real talented and experienced artists who understand chemistry, the anatomy of the skin, proper hygiene and aftercare or to come to get training with us and learn how to become a microblading artist.