Areola Restoration following Breast Reconstruction surgery

It is very common for patients to feel a sense of loss following breast cancer and mastectomy. This is because of the loss of shape and appearance that often happens following the procedure. In which case the structure of the breast is not the same as it was before the diagnosis. In order to achieve a more natural look to the restored breast, a procedure known as Subdermal pigmentation, which can also be called nipple or areola tattooing can be employed.

Following a breast reconstruction surgery, patients have the option of adding color to the area of the breast mound where nipple and areola once appeared. This helps to restore confidence and a more natural appearance.

Areola-Restoration in Mission Viejo

The Merry A Way

At Elegant Looks, Merry provides areola and nipple tattooing for patients who may wish to improve the appearance of their breast following a mastectomy. Merry is an accomplished makeup artist who loves to boost self-esteem in women who hire her. She works very closely with plastic surgeons throughout Southern California and through her individual private consulting.

Areola and Nipple Tattooing at Elegant Looks

A restoration procedure will help a patient to be more confident in themselves as the look and shape of their breast appears normal and familiar once again. After the completion of breast reconstruction and the breast, the mound is restored after the surgery, the pigmentation procedure is quite easy to complete to give a new breast mound.

Subdermal pigmentation is apt for many clients, this includes anyone who has had any of the under listed;

-Mastectomy after a cancer diagnosis

-Enlarged, inverted or misshapen nipples or areola due to pregnancy

– Change in areola shape or color due to trauma or aging

Merry has a perfect understanding of the challenges of patients, hence she works with them towards finding the right pigmentation and shape for client areola and nipple.

Subdermal Pigmentation Procedure

There are specialized techniques that can be used for the reconstruction of the nipple and areola following mastectomies. This will help in the creation of a more pleasant nipple and areola. Nipple and areola reconstruction and correction are both carried out as an outpatient surgery and general anesthesia is employed so as to reduce pain and improve comfort and safety.

The pigmentation procedure is carried out in the office and would normally take between two to three hours. Patients can choose to have nipple and areola construction with surgery and have the color added to the area three months after. For those who are not keen on surgery, they can opt for a 3D tattoo.

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