Frequently Ask Questions:

Q : Is permanent make-up safe ? 
A : Yes. The same pigment I use for permanent make -up has been used in tattooing for centuries.

Q : What about communicable diseases? 
A : I am very concerned about the safety of my clients. I only use disposable needles that are sterilized and individually wrapped.

Q : What if I am allergic to the pigment? 
A : If you have an allergy, especially to Nylon or Dacron, I will do a pigment test before any procedure.

Q : What if I change my hair color and want my eyebrow color to match? 
A : By blending another color of pigment over the original color, you can get the color you desire.

Q : What if eyebrow styles changes?
A : Your new eyebrow shape will be based on your own preferences combined with my expert suggestions for a classic look that will never go out of style.

Q : What does permanent lip-liner look like? 
A : Permanent lip-liner is usually applied following the natural contour of your lips, but can be altered to your personal preference. This replaces the need to apply lip-liner, you will only need to fill in with lipstick, which requires very little time.

Q : How does the lip-liner look when I am not wearing lipstick? 
A : The line is soft and natural in shades that blend with your own lip tissue, making your lips look fuller.

Q : Is the procedure painful?
A : I topically numb the area first, although some people experience minor discomfort during the procedure. This is often described as a stinging or scratching sensation, which subsides as soon as the procedure is over.

Q : How long does it take to heal?
A : It depends on the person. Usually, a light crust will form during the first couple of days, then it will fall off within the next 3 to 5 days.

Q : How will I look immediately after the procedure?
A : For the first few days, you will look like you are wearing make-up heavier than usual and sometimes the crust is slightly visible.

Q : Should I wear make-up before the appointment? 
A : Definitely yes. This will allow me to see what your preferences are. Combining your personal preference with my makeup expertise and suggestions, I can help you get the perfect makeup look for you.

Q : How long does permanent makeup last? 
A : Depending on each individual skin type, activities, and everyday sun exposure, the average time is four to eight years.

Q : What if I have any more question? 
A : I do consultations by appointment only. 

There is a $35.00 fee for a half hour consultation, which will be applied to any permanent makeup procedure if you decide to get one.

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