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It is every woman’s dream to look amazing and have full, attractive lips. A few women naturally have beauty spot, others, unfortunately, do not have and this often makes them feel depressed. There is, however, no need to worry, Merry is capable enough and willing to fulfill all of your beauty dreams with the help of permanent lip liner, eyeliner and beauty spot. In order to achieve beautiful lip contour, there are several possibilities that are offered through beautiful lip contour that can help enhance your look.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is an excellent option for clients with certain skin imperfections, thinning eyebrow, loss of skin pigmentation, thinning lips and for those who may be allergic to conventional makeup. They help users to escape the daily application necessary for traditional makeup techniques. Unlike traditional makeup, permanent makeup will not smear, smudge or run during your day to day activities.

They can be applied to any part of the body and can be used by just about anybody at any age. Some of its uses include adding or augmenting beauty marks, altering or enhancing the color of the lips and enhancing the eyebrows. They can be used as permanent eyeliner and lip liner.

What is permanent lip liner?

Before going forward to what Merry can offer, it is important to have an understanding of some of these techniques.

Permanent lip liner describes a type of tattoo that is applied to the outer curves of the lips. The function is to give the lips appropriate shape. They can also be used to correct the shape of the lips. Some women choose permanent lip liner process in order to correct the unusual shape of their lips or to cover up a scar. The procedure is equally useful for those who have lost lip color, definition and firmness as a result of aging. But most women see the procedure as a time-saving measure which helps them reduce the need for a daily cosmetic application. The procedure helps to make the lips more gorgeous and gives the upper and lower contours of the lips nice shape.

What is the permanent lip liner process?

During the permanent lip liner process, Merry draws a linear template on the client’s mouth. She shows this to the client and inquires what she feels about it. The idea is to get the client’s authorization or suggestion. The color that would be used for the lip liner will be applied according to the wish of the client. A typical anesthetic is then applied to the client’s mouth. Soon after, the linear pattern is drawn over using the tattooing tool. The function of the tool is to inject pigmentation beneath the skin. Therefore, a permanent line is formed around the lips.

It is not unusual for the lips to swell following the procedure. Also, the newly pigmented color is likely to appear darker than what is desired. However, as time goes on the swelling will disappear and the lined area will fade in color. The permanent lip liner is, therefore, a very simple procedure that can make your lips more attractive.

The finished result is absolutely fabulous, totally natural and quite different from what you get from a conventional tattoo.

How to add beauty spots

Beauty spots are regarded as a symbol of beauty. Having a beauty spot on your face can add to a person’s overall beauty and glamour. The location of your beauty spot is personal. You will be allowed to choose a location that suits your personality. However, it is very common for most women to want their spot just above their lips or high on their cheekbone.

Merry specializes in the application of Beauty spots which is applied with the help of permanent makeup procedure.

Merry typically advises her clients to avoid black pigments as they tend to produce bluish tinge as time goes on. Also, she warns against tattooing over an existing beauty spot as this have been known to have adverse reactions to microtraumas.

Beauty spots can also be used to conceal small scars which are left by chicken pox or acne.

Eyeliner enhancement

In this case, Merry precisely places permanent makeup in between each lash at the base of the lash line. This helps to define the shape of the eye and creates the appearance of thick full lashes.

There is a little discomfort in this procedure as the area is usually numbed with topical anesthetic. It will take about three to six weeks for the pigment to become permanently incorporated at the desired location.

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