Powder Eyebrow Tattoo

One of the major areas where Merry specializes in is in Powder Eyebrow tattoo. Eyebrow plays a significant role in your overall facial features. They can help to accentuate your eyes and shape your entire face. The shape of the eyebrow, its color, and texture all form part of how our eyebrow looks and define our eyes. In a lot of cases people are oftentimes dissatisfied with the way their eyebrows appear, this could be due to natural sparseness, thinning out due to over-plucking or because of some form of disease. This is where Merry comes into the picture.

She would present to you several options that are available in cases where your eyebrow do not flatten on your face as well as they should. If you are still not sure that you need a Powder eyebrow tattoo, then below are some of the most obvious benefits of this procedure;

1. Money Saving:

This is one of the major benefits of employing Mrs. Merry services. You can be sure of saving money as you won’t be needing to buy different cosmetics regularly. Another important aspect of savings is the time saved each day not having to apply makeup. The time an average lady spends to pencil in and color the eyebrows each day is considerable.

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2. Health benefits:

Some women tend to have health issues when they are at an older age. This may cause them to have shaky hands thereby hindering them from performing delicate strokes when doing their makeup. They can benefit immensely from these permanent makeup.

The Merry Way

As an eyebrow specialist, the first thing Merry does is to examine her client’s current eyebrows, the growth pattern of the hair already present, and the general health of your skin. It is often advised that every individual consult a professional like Merry before undergoing any procedure. The reason for this initial examination is that what works for one person and can be considered a realistic outcome will vary from one person to another.

As a professional, Merry uses a numbing cream before carrying out any work in the eyebrow area. Although it is not possible for every procedure to be painless, the numbing cream will help to numb and lessen the pain of most procedures. But you can decide not to use any numbing product, this is really up to you.

Important Terms You May Need to Know

There are different terminologies that you would be made aware of before embarking of any procedure. Permanent makeup or permanent cosmetics can also be called micropigmentation or dermapigmentation.

The techniques employed by Merry will be dependent on the desires of the client and their particular needs. It is important to note that permanent makeup and tattooing, although similar, have their differences. One of the major differences between the two is that pigments are used when doing permanent makeup while tattooing makes use of thicker ink.

Machines and Methods Used

There are different machines and methods that can be used for powder eyebrow tattoo. The manual hand procedure is much preferable than the feathery appearance as it gives a more natural look. Merry uses the manual machine which is sometimes called the soft tap technique. This technique uses a pigment which is typically thicker than the regular cosmetic ink or pigment. The filling of the color is accomplished by a rotary machine, giving it a solid, dramatic look that is highly defined. This procedure is highly dependable as it will leave your eyebrow darkest for longest.

Other types of machines that she employs include basic tattoo guns, digital guns etc.

Some of the other methods employed include; powder filled eyebrow and Hair stroke eyebrow.

Once she is done, the color will appear darker than what you initially expected. It will take a few weeks for it to heal completely. The color should have lightened to the expected color by the third week. You would be expected not to go swimming during these weeks so as to allow the color set in properly.

It is important you consult a trained professional like Merry for this procedure.

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