Following mastectomy and breast reconstruction, most women are left without a nipple or surrounding areola. I’m able to replicate and restore the natural look of a nipple and areola by custom-mixing pigments that match individual skin tones. I then gently tattoo over scars to create a realistic looking nipple/areola, complete with light, shadows, textures and dimension. This specialized trompe l’oeil technique is also known as a “3d nipple areola tattoo.” I love helping patients reclaim a sense of wholeness and completion after a long journey and am humbled and honored to do this work.

I also help camouflage scars anywhere on the body, and can restore the color and shape of nipples and areolas that have been compromised by breast surgeries such as augmentation, mastopexy breast lift, reduction mammoplasty, lumpectomy, male gynecomastia surgery, ftm top surgery, etc. 

The restoration of these features can also restore self-esteem and self-confidence … so the transformation is profound on many levels!

Areola Restoration following Breast Reconstruction surgery

I work with each individual holistically. My private studio is welcoming to people of all cultures, genders, ethnicities, circumstances and conditions. I also work from the offices of reputable local plastic surgeons. If you have questions or think my services may be beneficial to you or your loved ones, please contact me directly.